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Dr. Wiley specializes in Women’s health. Helping women with female reproductive disorders to bring their bodies back to normal. He has helped women having trouble with miscarriages and irregular monthly cycles and severe cramping issues to restore their bodies to a normal state. He has seen his patients who struggle with infertility and discomfort go on to conceive healthy babies, delivered naturally with normal healthy recovery for mom and child.   


My quest  to assist women to have better health began when I started practice in 1976 when my little sister came to work for me at my first practice. I found she as well as many women struggled with menstrual cramps every month.

Through research careful study I learned how to adjust the low back and massage the muscles related to women’s female organs.  My female patients suffering with menstrual cramps found relief in these techniques and spread the word. Soon I was adjusting and massaging muscles spreading relief to all my patients.

A few years later I married my wife, the love of my life. Her menstration pain was severe enough that she usually took  the first day of work off to spend the day in bed with a heating pad.  We started giving her regular adjustments, massages and started her on a nutritional program. Within about six months the menstrual cramps and agonizing days cuddling with a heating pad were history.

That was over thirty-five years ago. I have continued my studies looking for other tools to handle many conditions and symptoms that the human body presents.  Twelve years ago, I met Dr. Howard Loomis, Jr., DC.  I’m honored to be one of his students.  Logan College Of Chiropractic has established a permanent department chair to provide this knowledge to future students.  

Dr. Loomis has written two wonderful books that explain tremendous amounts of nutritional physiology in laymen’s terms.  I recommend both books to anyone wishing to understand how their body maintains balance and homeostasis. The two books I recommend are  The Enzyme Advantage: For Health Care Providers And People Who Care About Their Health and The Enzyme Advantage: For Women, by Howard F. Loomis, Jr., D.C., F.I.A.C.A. both these books are available for purchase by clicking on their respective photos below.


Dr. Loomis’ work has provided me with a far deeper understanding of the body and how homeostasis is achieved.  With History, Exam, and Lab findings it is very predictable to provide the body with what it needs and watch for positive outcomes.

If your body energy is out of balance and you are having symptoms, or even if you want to practice prevention and test the body to see what your health status is; this is a way to address the body with foods and plant based enzymes to keep you in good health.

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